Friday, May 2, 2008


I was looking at my blog and I realized that some, not many, but some of the people who look at my blog are not on the Asher family side. So I thought that I would explain this whole Lacy#1 business to you. On Dustys side of the family the three youngest boys married Lacys. Now all three of us spell our name different (Lacy, Lacie and Lacey) and are different ages, and therefore we all have our reasons why we should be #1. But I know deep down in there hearts the other two Lacys know that I am #1. I was the first Lacy to marry into the family. That alone just makes me #1. Plus my name is the shortest, spelling wise. So I am #1. End of story!! (plus we all know that I am the best!! j/k Lacie and Lacey!!) The other brothers just saw how wonderful it is to be married to a Lacy that they had to copy Dusty!!