Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Beer Festival 8-27-2011

Forgot I had pictures for this one :)  Me, Dusty, Kim and Jason all went to the 2nd Annual Utah Beer Festival in August.  It was really fun.  They had music, good food and a lot of different beer from local breweries. This is the second one for Dusty and Jason, but me and Kims first.  It was a real blast.  We got a ton of free stuff like pins and tattoos, and it was just a nice day to hang out.  Good times.  I think I may go next year ;)
Some of the available beer to purchase
Finally to the front of the line!
Some cool belt buckles that they make out of lables
Me and Kim showing off our pretzel necklaces......and Jason stealing the photo
The cool sunglasses that they got for free
Our cool tattoos
Our haul
Just a cute picture of me and Dusty

Quick Post!

Hey just a quick post to say HEY I"M STILL ALIVE!!! Life has just been crazy right now trying to fit in extra activities while the weather is still nice.  And of course for all these lovely activities I haven't brought my camera. OOOPS!  Oh well.  A couple weekends ago we went to Idaho and went up the mtns and the kids and Dusty and his family went biking.  Dusty crashed over his handlebars, all is well just a little scraped up.  Then the next day while Dusty rested at his moms I took my niece and my 2 kids to vineyard lakes to go cliff jumping.  I didn't jump, but Ryan and my nephews and niece did.  I just swam.  I'm still to much of a chicken to jump.  Two weekends ago we went on a hike up grovecreek canyon.  The shoes I was wearing sucked and I started getting blisters, so we had to turn around.  It made me really mad because this was the first time that I wanted to continue but couldn't.  Last weekend was Dustys bday and me and him went out to Brewvies and had some beer and watched a movie.  It was pretty nice just the two of us.  Then on his bday we had a yard sale at my sisters and ended up bbqing and spending the night.  Pretty active weekends we have been having and I am loving it.  Spending time with family and getting some activity points all in one is my kind of weekend :)