Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lets Dance!!

Ryan had his Dance Festival at school today! It was soooo hectic. Me and Jordyn went to get a drink and then we drove by the school and saw that parents were already there getting seats and it was like 30 minutes before. So we decided to stop so we could get good seats. Wow what a production. It was so cool to see them do there dance. They did theirs to a High school Musical song-Don't ask me which because I have never seen those movies. It was sooo cute. He was so excited when he saw that we were there. He did a great job!!! My baby is growing up!!

Walking in

Smiling for the camera

Waiting for their turn!
Waiting for the music to start

Getting his dance on!

He really did a good job!

The whole group!

Yeah I am cool!

So big!


The end!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Daddy!!

Today is my dads birthday!! I love my dad with all my heart! He is such a great person!!! I love that no matter what I know that he will be their for me and my family! I love that our birthdays are so close and that we usually celebrate them together. We weren't that close when I was little, but after my mom died I realized how important it is to let those close to you know how much you care!! Now we are closer than ever!! HaPpY bIrThDaY dAd!!!!!!!

It's my last birthday!!

So I have decided that this is going to be my last birthday! I think that 29 is a good place to stop! I can't believe that I am 29. I seriously feel like I am still a teenager in High school, I just now have 2 kids and a husband. Nothing wrong with that right? :) But seriously I cannot believe how young I used to be. I was going through some pictures and it is amazing! Here is a little sampling of my life!!

Oh how cute was I!!

I decided to give myself a haircut right before picture day in kindergarten!

I love this one of me! First grade!
Me and my wonderful glasses!

Me and my sisters!
Dressed as a princess!
Look at those wings!
One of my favorite pictures!! Me as a rocker for Halloween!!
Wow! I think this was 4th or 5th grade!
This was when I was a junior in High school!
Taken today-by myself if you can't tell!
It is also my nephew Garrett's birthday! Happy Birthday bud! You are the best present that I ever got!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

What have we done!!!

So we are in the process of leveling out our backyard and OMG what a process!! I can't believe how much dirt and stuff their is. We started out by getting rid of the railroad ties that were back there, and WOW that was an adventure. It was almost like they were attached to the dirt and didn't ever want to let go. So then we rented a bobcat yesterday and Dusty went to town!! My backyard used to have grass and was sooooo green, now it is almost all dirt. I know in the end it will look nice and be a lot bigger, but the process might kill me. Here is some pictures of the fun process!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I have been thinking about this past week and I was just sooooo sooo busy with doing our yard, helping Linda with theirs and going up to Greg and Alis for mothers day that I totally forgot to post about my mom for mothers day. As many of you know my mom died when I was 15. She was killed by a drunk driver. So for 7 years mothers day was not a fun day for me. Then I became a mom and it was better, but still not the best of holidays for me to celebrate. My mom wasn't a "regular" mom. She was my best friend. She was the most amazing person I ever knew. I remember on a weekends her coming into our room with her 6pack of beer to drink and we would stay up all night listening to music and just talking. That is the best memory I have of her. I don't really have a memory of her being a "mom". She was more like a cool friend that I always got to see. I miss her sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!! As I write this I am balling in fact. I wish my kids were able to meet her. She never got the chance to be a grandma. She died 5 months before my sister gave birth to my niece. She would have made and awesome grandma. This picture was taken I believe right before I turned 15 in May and she died in September, so this is the last picture we got together. I love you mom and can't wait till we are together again and we can sit down and have a drink and listen to music all night long.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hair things!

K so I always see these little girls with these way cute headbands with flowers on them, and flowers on top of their ponytails, and I have bought a couple for Jordyn. Well me and my sister went to the HOLY COW BOUTIQUE in Pleasant Grove last week and I saw all of these headbands for sale for like $7 and I was like I can make it for less than that. So I went to Roberts today and bought the flowers and a embellishment to go in the middle and some ribbon and went home and made this really cute headband for Jordyn to wear to Katherines (my niece) wedding!! In total everything cost me about $9, but I have enough to make 4 headbands. How crazy is that!!! And I am sure I can get the flowers cheaper, but I was in a mood and wanted to do it now and saw these flowers and just bought them. Freakin cute!! I might just make some more in different colors!!
From the front!

Side view!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day!!

This mothers day was one of the best mothers days that I have ever had. In past mothers days Dusty had bought me a gift and let the kids give it to me. Well this year both of the kids are in school and so they were able to make me a gift. Those are the best!! I loved them. Jordyns pre-school made these little scrapbook pages with their hand print on them and they had the kids make a little card. SOOOOO cute!!
Ryans school let them make a book that is all about them. It is the cutest book ever!! It talks about his favorite food and stuff, but it is mostly about how much he loves games!! Which I thought was just so cute. I would turn the page and it would be another thing about how games are so cool!! I loved it!! He also made me a cute little card!!

I LOVE BEING A MOM!! It has so many rewards! It almost makes me sad that we have decided to not have anymore. I want to let my kids know that I love them so much and that these are the best gifts ever!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

4 graduations and Mothers Day!

I just thought that I would show you the cards that I made for my 2 NiEcEs, NePhEw, and SiStEr-N-LaW that are all graduating and the card I made for my MoThEr-N-LaW!!! Wow what a month for card making. That doesn't even include all the birthdays this month, which I thought that I would start making cards for everyone with a birthday, but I don't think I will start this month. Maybe that will be my next years New Years Resolution since the weight loss one never works :)

The High school graduation cards!!

The College Graduation Cards!

The Mothers Day Card!