Thursday, April 24, 2008


Well Dusty has been at his job now for about a week, and is loving it. He says that its a challenge because the people that he is working for are hardcore Linux people. But he is also excited about it because it is a learning experience, and Dusty loves to learn. Especially when it comes to computers. Its been really nice having him home at night, but also weird. I am used to just doing my own thing at night, and now he is here, but we will get used to it. I have been waking up with him in the mornings too, which, to my surprise, has actually helped me be more energetic throughout the day. Which, with two kids, is always helpful. Ryan and Jordyn are having a great time being kids. They are really excited because Dusty has started the process of putting together the swing set that Nola gave us. They can't wait. Neither can Linda and her kids. They want to come play. We decided to buy another pool this year. 2 years ago, the neighborhood cats ruined our one we had, and last year sucked without one. So we decided that we definitely were getting one this year. I already have it on layaway and it should be out just in time for summer!! YEAH!! Besides that everything is going great on this end. With Dustys new job we hope to be able to spend more time with the extended family ie.-going to Idaho, camping on Memorial Day with the Stoker side, and just being together as a family. This job has been a great thing in our lives and I only see things getting better. Love to you all!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dustys new job!!

I don't know if any of you heard, but Dusty got a new job. He was looking for a job that would replace the two jobs he has now. Well he found one. Its at a place called fusion io.(I think thats the name) He thought for sure the current job he has would counter offer, and then he might just stay there, but he talked to his boss today and they said they weren't going to. So starting next Thursday Dusty will be at his new job. He will have to travel to Sandy, but its worth it for the money. I just hope everything works out for him. He has had to work 2 jobs forever. He is a little scared because his new boss told him that the first couple of weeks will be "sink or swim" weeks basically. But I have every bit of faith in Dusty. I have never known him not to rise up to a challenge. Its one of the many things I love so much about my husband.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

I'm a "Great" Aunt!!

I have always told myself that I am a great Aunt, but now its true. My niece Chanc gave birth to the cutest baby boy on Monday. His name is Aidan Thomas Todd and he weighed 7lbs. and 7 oz. and looks so much like his mom I can't believe it. I haven't got to see him in person yet, but I hope I will soon. I just thought it was funny that at 27 years old I am a "Great" Aunt.

Ryans new cast

Well Ryan wanted me to post a picture of his new cast he got on. It is a shorter cast and it makes a ton of difference in his ability to do things for himself, like write and eat. The story behind the color of it is kinda funny. I was in the doctors office with him and I asked him what color he was going to get and he told me red. And I was like, "Red, why red, why not green or blue?" and he looked right into my face and was like" Because red is the color of "Dark" Vaders light saber"(yes I know it's Darth, but he says Dark". And I thought that was so cute. He is so into star wars, and so he had to have a cast to match. What a goofy kid. He gets his cast off on April 14th. What a good anniversary present for me and Dusty huh!!

Ryan and Tim

Well I just thought that I would share a picture of the two daredevils in the family. Ryan and Tim both have broken arms on the same side. Ryan from jumping on the bed and Tims from jumping over his friends. Haven't either one of them heard of the saying "No more monkeys jumpin on the bed!" or in Tims case "No more monkeys jumpin over your friends!"