Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So I am making pies for Thanksgiving today and one of them was a chocolate pie. Well I remember when I was a kid licking the bowl, so I decide to let Jordyn lick the bowl (I would have let Ryan, but he was downstairs playing a game-SURPRISE, SURPRISE!). So I am cleaning up my mess and low and behold I turn around and this is what I see. My little Chocolate face girl! Not only is it all over her face, but up her arms and on her shirt. What a cutie pie. I had to take a picture. It almost looks like her face is painted to look like a lion or something. I also wanted to brag that I successfully made meringue on the first try this year. Two years ago I tried and tried and tried, I think I tried 5 different times to make meringue all failing. Last year I didn't even try, but I am so excited that it turned out on the first try this year . I don't know what I was doing wrong, it was a piece of cake-or pie I guess :) Lemon Meringue Pie is Dustys favorite, so I am so excited that it turned out!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

My cute little Pilgrim!

I went to Jordyns school to pick her up today and this is what I found. My cute little Pilgrim. Today was the last day of Pre-school so they had a Thanksgiving feast and dressed as pilgrims and learned all about the holiday. Jordyn was so excited because she got to eat at school. I just had to post this picture because it was the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Going Private!??

So I was thinking of going private! I've just heard so much about the weirdos that can view your blogs that it it kind of freaking me out. Mostly because what I post about most is my kids. So if you want to be able to view my blog leave me your email. I think I will probably do it in about 2 weeks.

Friday, November 21, 2008

A boy and his dad!!

So I took these pictures because I thought that they were the cutest things I had ever seen. Ryan just came into the computer room and got on his dads lap and was asking all types of questions about the game he was playing. Now Ryan hasn't sat on his dads lap and watched him play for a long time. I think that Ryan sees Dusty playing computer games with his friends and by himself and Ryan wants to be a part of that. It was just the cutest picture. I had to share it with you.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fun Tag!!

Shelly tagged me with this really fun tag! It isn't your usual type of tag. What you do is you go to the sixth folder and find the sixth picture and post it. For me I have my stuff done by year(How organized huh!) so I chose the sixth year-which happened to be 2006-then did the sixth picture in the sixth folder. It is kind of interesting to see what pictures people have that you have never seen.

This is Jordy by the way!

I tag:
Carrie, Ali, Lindsey, Chanc, Chelsea, Lisa, Linda, and Lacey!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm in the mood!!

I just love this time of year. Outside doesn't look like the holidays should be here, but go in any store and you are hit with a whoosh of the holiday season. I think that I am so into the holidays this year because for the last little bit I have been making my christmas cards, my dad christmas gift and my mother-in-laws gift and it all just got me in the spirit of christmas. I know that Thanksgiving isn't here yet, but I had to change my background and my music. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays! Not because you get presents, but because I get to give presents and see the look on peoples faces when they open them. That is the greatest joy of the season for me. I get to spend more time with family as well. I just wanted all my family-that means all of you!!-to know that I love you and I hope you have a great holiday!!(By family I don't just mean the people who are related to me, I mean all of you friends out there too, you are just like family to me as well!)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Tea Party!

So I got Jordyn this Chef hat and apron from all a dollar the other day because she is always wanting to help me in the kitchen. Well she decided to have a tea party today with her bears and her doll. It was the cutest thing. She made them pancakes and tea. It was so cute to watch. What a little princess. Today is her birthday!! My baby is officially 4!! We had her party on Saturday, so today is just going to be basically a regular day, with a little bit of fun.

Her guests

Making Pancakes

Pouring tea

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Jordyns 4th birthday!!

My little girl is 4 (not until Monday, but still) We had Jordyns birthday party today so that more people could come. It was great!! That lovely little outfit she is wearing, yeah she picked it out!! Cute huh? I can't believe what a big little girl she is becoming. It makes me sad! Not only because my baby is turning 4, but also because until my little brother has a kid, she is the last grandkid of my dads and she is growing up so fast. She has such a little mind of her own. I love it so much!! She had a great birthday party. Aunt Shelly and her family, Aunt Linda and her family, Grandpa, Ali and Greg and their family all came. She got a scooter from grandpa, a bike from mom and dad, jewelry and $20 from Aunt shelly and uncle shane, a tinkerbell sticker and activity book from Ali and Greg and Aunt Linda and her girls MADE her a cinderella dress and two tu tu's, and Aunt Kim had given her a cinderella jewelry box earlier that she got from Disneyland when she went. All in all it was an awesome birthday!! I am so glad that we have family so close that can share in our kids lives. I wish we had more that lived closer, but we all do with what we have!! MY BABY WILL BE 4 ON MONDAY :(

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I got in this mood today because lastnight I went to a stampin up party and it just got me in the mood to scrapbook. I knew I had the pictures, so I was like I am finishing this today and I did. My house looks like crap, but one of my Christmas projects is done. Yeah!!



Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The cutest thing!!

So I came upstairs after working on my dads calendar and this is what I saw. Jordyn was laying on the couch, Wii paddles in hand, princess dress on and asleep. Ryan and her were playing the Wii and I guess that she fell asleep. I thought that it was so cute. I knew that she was tired and I was actually coming up to see about putting her for a nap, but she had already put herself down.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Another one!

Yeah so I decided that I need to get crackin' on this project because I decided that I am going to try and make gifts this year. We are kind of strapped for money and so I am going to attempt to get my creative jean on. Wish me luck!!

I finished another one!

I just finished this page for July! I only have 4 more to go!! I am getting so excited to see this thing when it is all done! I think it will be totally worth the wait. Me and Dusty were talking yesterday about what presents to get what people and I got to thinking, the best presents that I have given or recieved have been made. I just think that they are more personal. Like with my christmas cards. I make them to let people know just how special they are in my life. I could just buy some in the store, but they aren't that personal. I am trying to think of gifts to make for christmas for people. Now I am not the most crafty person, but I would like to try. So if any of you have any good ideas for homemade gifts for mother-in-laws, sister, brothers, friends....whoever, please let me know and I will take them into consideration. With these trying times, money isn't always so available, but I would love to make something for people that isn't that expensive and still says I love you!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


I would have to say that this Halloween was probably one of the funnest and easiest of all the Halloweens. Both of the kids are in school and so I got to go to both of their parties. That was a riot. To see all the little kids costumes. Then both kids had easy costumes. Ryan was a cowboy and Jordyn was a princess (like that is a shocker!). We went to the trick or treat in the park in Pleasant Grove around 4:30 and then at 5:30 Lindas ward was having their trunk or treat so we went to that. By the time we were all done with that, we went back to Lindas and ate dinner, thanks so much for that by the way Linda your awesome!!, then we went home. I asked the kids on the way if they wanted to do some trick or treating around our neighborhood and they said no, so I was like cool. We came home and the kids watched cartoons on t.v. and me and Dusty watched Sleepy Hollow. It was a relaxing rest of the evening. I was excited.
My little Princess!!

My little Cowboy--love the chaps!!