Saturday, September 27, 2008

Family Picture!!

Well we went and got our family picture taken. I got into this club membership with Fotogenix 3 years ago. For around $45 I get like 6 "free" 8x10s. One per session, and the sessions have to be at least 3 months apart. But it was an awesome deal (thank you Linda for turning me onto it!!). Also, you get one free outdoor sitting and no sitting fees. I was like sign me up. So anyway, we went and got our outdoor session this time and we have one more left before the plan is done. I think we will get Ryan and Jordyn together for that one or just Jordyn since she doesn't get school pictures. Anyway, the pictures we did get are our header picture and the one of me and Dusty on the right. For those of you who are wondering, you will get your family pic with your x-mas cards. Yes you have to wait that long, I am sorry!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Firecrackers are #1!!

Well Ryan had his last game on Saturday!! Yeah!! He did alot better this year in soccer. He actually kicked the ball a couple of times. His coaches were really good about working with them on strategy and moves at practice. He didn't get any team pictures this year though. We were in Idaho for Ashli and Marissas wedding on the weekend that they took pictures, but that is okay. I got my own. His coaches were so cool. At the last game everyone gets a medal. Well his coaches went the extra mile and also gave them trophies with their team name (Firecrackers!!) on it. It also said 1st place. Which was true. His team was totally undefeated. No one takes score, but we kept track and they were undefeated. It was awesome. Ryan is so excited about his trophy. He shows it to everyone that comes over. I am so proud of my cute little soccer player. And I am so glad that he loves to play.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm it again-and I love it!!

Well I've been tagged again by my friend Carrie. I love these things. They let you see into someones world, what you might not have seen. Some of you might think that I am crazy, and that is okay, but I love being tagged. I get to let others know stuff about me that they might never know, and I get to know things about them. That is actually one of the reasons I started a blog. To let people see and read things that are happening in my and my families life. So here it goes. Here is what you are supposed to do: take pictures of the following items in your home the way they are right now, at this moment. No cheating. Then post 'em for the world to see, now doesn't that sound like fun! Well, I think it does so here we go...
1. Closet...
It is kind of dark, but this is my messy, unfinished closet in our room downstairs. I think when it actually gets sheetrock and paint and a light that actually works, then I will care what it looks like.

2. My Sink..

Well here is my sink!! I kind of cheated I guess, because I had just finshed cleaning my kitchen and decided that I could hurry and do some posts before Dusty got home, but this is how my sink looked when I started this post.

3. Toilet..

My bathroom on the other hand had not been cleaned. So here it is in all of its messy glory.

4. Laundry Room...

Yeah, it's a mess. Laundry Day!! It is also an unfinshed room in our basement. That thing to the left, yeah that is my laundry room door. It fell off of the hinges. We have alot of work to do in our basement.

5. Kids and Pets..

My kids were on the couch watching Spongebob Squarepants, their favorite cartoon.

Our dog Leo.

6. Place I would like to visit...

Cancun, Mexico. It just sounds like a great vacation spot!!

7. Self Portrait...

Believe it or not, I don't have to many pictures of myself. I am always the one behind the camera. If anyone has any good ones of me, send them my way.

8. Fridge/Freezer...
Well here is my Fridge/Freezer. Nothing special. Just the regular stuff.

9. Favorite Room...
I would have to say that right now my kitchen is my favorite room. I spend most of my time there and I love my Red wall. I don't know what it is about it, but I love it.

10. Favorite Shoes..
My favorite shoes have to be my brown flip-flops I got at walmart for $1. They are worn everyday.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

THE BIG 30!!!

Well it is official. Dusty isn't a youngin' anymore. Today Dusty turns 30 years old. Which he thinks is like the end of the world. I personally think that 30 is a great age to be. When you are in your 20s you are still kind of considered "a kid". Now he is in his 30s and is going strong. He has come a long way. He started out a stocker at Kmart and now he is a big time computer man. Not alot of 30 year olds can say that they have made it as far as Dusty. I love you Babe!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU OLD MAN!!J/K!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

All about me!!

I am responding to the tag that Carrie did on her blog. I don't know if you are getting sick of hearing about me, but I don't care :) I love these tags!! They are fun to read and they give me something to post about. I hate when you look at someones blog and its been like 3 or 4 weeks since they posted. What is the point of having a blog unless you use it?
1. Where were you 10 years ago?
Lets see, 10 years ago I was 18. I was working at Kmart and living with my dad. I was a little hellion. Hanging out with the wrong type of people and doing the wrong things. I didn't start dating Dusty until August of 1999. I was just working and "playing".

2. What's on your list today?
-Walk with Ryan to school.
-go to store and get stuff for Jordyns fieldtrip tomorrow.
-get some laundry done.
-Watch biggest loser.
-Make Ryans favorite dinner-fettucine alfredo.

3. What if you were a Billionaire?
-Wow! There is so much that I could do with that much money. First, I would get out of debt, and remodel my house. I wouldn't tear it down or anything, because my dad built this house, but I would make some minor adjustments. I would give my dad a bunch so that he wouldn't have to work anymore and he could retire. I would pay off all my friends and families houses, or if they didn't have a house, I would buy them one. I would set up my kids for life (college fund, house fund, etc.) and I would donate a bunch to different charities. Then I would buy me a couple houses on different continents so that I could go on vacation.

4. Name five places you have lived.
-Pleasant Grove, Utah
-American Fork, Utah
-Provo, Utah

5. What are three bad habits you have?
-I am a stress and bored eater. When I get stressed, I eat. When I am bored, I eat. It is a habit that I am really tying to work on.
-I sit on my butt when I could be doing other things. I just can't find the gumption to get up and get going sometimes.
-I try to please people to much so that they will like me. I guess that is a form of low self esteem. I don't think people will like me for who I am, so I try my hardest to please them, sometimes neglecting myself.

6. What kind of snack do you like?

7. Who will you tag next?
I tag everyone who has a blog and looks at this!! You know who you are!! It will be fun to look at your blog and read you awnsers!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I just wanted to post to let everyone know that I am so thankful to all of our men and women serving our country to protect our rights as americans. I remember September 11,2001 very well. I had gotten home from work at 10:00 and was trying to relax on the couch. I turned on the t.v. and saw that we had been attacked. My heart jumped out of my stomach. I couldn't believe that someone would attack us. I thought we were untouchable. After all we were americans and had the most freedom of anybody. I thank God everyday that I didn't know anyone who was killed or injured in those attacks. I pray for those who were, and I cry for those who gave their lives trying to save those in the airplanes. You are true heros. Thank you for standing up for your rights as americans!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Nothing like a little boy and his dog!!

I just had to share this picture of Ryan with his dog Leo. He got this dog for his birthday last year from his cousin Becca. At first me and Dusty were a little leary about the dog. He was a little bigger than the one we had in mind. We wanted a little lap dog. But it has been a little over a year now since we got him and he has turned out to be a really good dog! He will not go to the bathroom in the house, he just whines at the door saying "I got to pee, let me out". Ryan absolutely loves him. That is the best part about him. It makes Ryan so happy when he comes home from school and Leo just runs and jumps on him and just wants to play with him. There is nothing like a little boy and his dog!!

Monday, September 8, 2008


Well we got a piano!!! I am so excited for this. My dad moved into a new house and the guy who used to live there left his piano. Well it is an older piano with the ivory keys and everything, so my dad decided to keep it and get rid of this one. So he and Dusty made a deal that Dusty would build him a computer and my dad would give him the piano. So Dusty did and we got our piano. All my life I wanted to take piano lessons, but my parents couldn't afford it, so I am extremely excited to be able to provide the opportunity for my kids. Dusty is so excited about it too. He took lessons when he was younger and has been really, really wanting to get back into playing. It is a way for him to relieve some stress and anger, besides with games.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day of Pre-School!!

Well Jordyn started her first day of Pre-school today. She was so excited. She got a new backpack and has been carrying it around with radom stuff in it for days. It is kind of nice that both kids are in school at different times. I pick Ryan up at 11:55 and Jordyn has to be to school at 1:00. That gives me just enought time to feed them lunch and then be on our way again. It is nice because I get some alone time with both of them. It will be great. I think I will take them to get an ice cream or something once a week during our alone time. It will make them feel even more special. It is a little sad though that she is in pre-school. It makes me miss my "babies". They aren't little anymore and it makes me sad. I keep telling Jordyn that she has to stay 3 forever, but she just says" I have to get bigger Mommy". Next year will be worse I think. Ryan will be in 1st grade and Jordyn will go to pre-school everyday instead of just twice a week, but I will cope with it. I don't want to, but it is inevitable.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ryan 6th Birthday-Take 2!!

As you may know, Ryan spent his realbirthday in Idaho. He had a party there, but we decided to have another birthday party in Utah so that my family could wish him a happy birthday too. His aunt Shelly gave him this gun set with the hat. He just loves it. He has decided that he wants to be a cowboy for Halloween now. Before it was a Transformer. Thank goodness he changed his mind. A cowboy is alot easier to make than a transformer. Doesn't he look so cute in the hat?? Not many people could pull that off!!!


Well I decided to change my background to match the season. I know that it doesn't seem like fall outside, but it is September and in my eyes it is fall. I love fall!! It is my favorite season. It isn't to hot or to cold. All the leaves start to change color. I think it is the most beautiful of all the seasons. I am so excited for all the leaves to change. I can't wait to go up in the mountains and take family pictures with all the cool leaves. I LOVE FALL!!