Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas Decorations!!!!

So with the first snow and with it being so close to Thanksgiving I couldn't resist putting up my decorations! I have been holding myself back, but now I must do it!!! With it snowing outside and stuff it just seemed right. I brought my Xmas stuff in, found the John Denver Xmas CD and got to work! Christmas isn't Christmas without John Denver Christmas songs. My mom always listened to them when we were younger and now it just seems like they belong together. I usually put the tree and stuff up by myself, but this year I got the kids and Dusty to help. It was great spending time with the family like that. Good times. Here are some pictures of our decor. I have lights outside too, but it is to light to see them. I will post a pic later of them. So Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Hope you get to spend lots of time with your families and enjoy each other!!!
In my kitchen
In my living room
My tree!

First snowman!!

I don't know if I am a bad mom or what, but my kids have never made a snowman at our house!Ryan has made one at school, but we have never made one at our house. I can't believe that! We go sledding and stuff, but never that. So this morning when my kids woke up and saw snow they immediately got their gear on and went out to create a snowman. It was so cute watching them work together and make the snowman. They even sacrificed some of their rocks out of their collections for the eyes and the tooth for the mouth :0) I love my little kids and can't wait to go sledding and have tons of fun with them this year. I haven't realized how much I have missed being so overweight. But now that I have lost weight and have more energy I am going to make the most of the season. These are the things kids remember when they grow up. It isn't the presents they receive, it's the times spent doing things with family!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I hate dishonest people!!!

Much like ALOT of other people that I know, my email was hacked. Apparently I sent a bunch of emails to other people that also made it so there emails got hacked. If that isn't enough, somehow someone got a hold of my debit card info and was able to make there own and spent $650 in Texas. Luckily the bank called me and asked about the purchases and I let them know that they were not done by me and they are going to reimburse me. I just hate how someone would do that to another human being. Steal that money from someone. Dishonest people suck!!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Cute Hair thing I made with fabric!!!

I wanted to learn how to make fabric hair things, so I went online and found a place that showed me how to make these ones. The website is here. My sister-n-law Lacey made Jordyn a dress and there was left over fabric, so I made her the blue bows below to match. They are so cute!!! Then her outfit she is going to wear on her bday matches the pink ones below. I am in love with these bows. I saw another way to make some on Good Things Utah that I am going to try later.


Well I am finally posting about Halloween! I am usually really on top of things like posting about holidays and stuff, but lately I have been busy. I went to both the kids Halloween parades at school on Friday. Then on Saturday we went to Lindas house and tuffed it out in the rain at her neighborhoods trunk-r-treat! Afterwards we went down to Shellys house because Shane wanted to see his niece and nephew in their costumes. It wasn't raining there so we went to a couple houses so the kids got the "full" experience! All in all it was a pretty low key and fun Halloween!

Ryan as Harry Potter
Jordyn as Little Red Riding Hood (Linda made the cape! Thanks Linda!!! It made the costume!)