Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tea Party!!

Two pages in one day!! Whoo Hoo!!! So I saw this sketch on 52 sketches...52 weeks and also on my sisters blog, and I loved it. So I went looking for pictures that I thought would be good on it and came across Jordyns tea party pictures. I thought they were perfect because I had exactly 4 and I hadn't scrap booked them yet. So I went to Roberts and got the paper and here is the finished product. It kinda sucks that I am getting my scrapbook mojo back right now because I am going to NYC tomorrow and won't be back till Monday. Hopefully it stays with me so I can scrap those pages!!


So it seems like my sister, Shelly, has been on this big scrap booking kick and it is kinda making me want to get back on the ball. I think I just made so many for Christmas-my dad and Dustys moms calendars, that I got burnt out. Well I decided that I didn't want to get to behind so I bucked up and decided to do Ryans basketball. I think it turned out all right. This is sketch #59 from Got Sketch?. My sister introduced me to this sight and it is awesome. It helps us uncreative people make cute pages. Now I am not saying that I am totally incapable of creating my own layout, but why when someone else will do it for you and you can "tweak" it to fit your pictures.

Monday, March 23, 2009

My little superstar!!

So Ryan decided that he would try out basketball this year since he hasn't tried it yet. I figure let him try them at least once and then he can decide if he wants to do it every year. Well he decided that he really likes it!! All they do is they were put into teams and they go around to 4 different stations and they teach them different moves and the rules and stuff. It is pretty cool. So since I am going to NYC next weekend I will miss his last "game" so I took some pictures of him doing his thing so I could scrapbook them. They aren't doing team pictures, which really sucks, but I took my own so I will have to deal. Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Because I'm smart!!

So me and my daughter, Jordyn, went to the store this morning to pick up some groceries and the lady at the register gave her a pack of smarties. We get home and she decides that she wants to color a picture. While she is coloring she is telling her grandma what the colors are and grandma tells her "You are so smart!" Well with out fail Jordyns reply is "I ate smarties so I'm smart!" Is that not the cutest thing you have ever heard of? Kids say some of the funniest things I swear!! I am so glad that I was there to hear it. And here is the beautiful picture she colored with the markers that she knows the colors of because she ate smarties so she is smart!! :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My sister is the best!

K I just have to say that my sister Kim is awesome. She is taking me, my other sister and our "cousin" to New York City the weekend of the 27th. We are staying in a hotel in the city, and, here is the best part, she is taking us to the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. We don't have to pay for anything, just souvenirs if we want them. How cool is that. It is just going to be a girls weekend in the big apple. I am so excited!! The farthest I have been is California. I can't wait!! If anybody has any suggestions on places to go, let me know. We land in New York on the 27th and we fly out on the 30th. It isn't the longest trip, but believe me, we will make the most of it. YEAH!!!!