Friday, July 31, 2009

Seven Peaks!!

Ryan received a free day pass to Seven Peaks from school last year so I decided to take the kids and their cousin Garrett!! It was a blast!! This was Ryan and Jordyns first time there and they had a ball!! My kids love swimming, so they were in heaven! Ryan and Garrett spent most of their time in the wave pool, while me and Jordyn spent most of our time at the Tadpole swimming area! Right before we were leaving I finally convinced them to go on a slide. You can't go to Seven Peaks without going on at least one slide. So we all went down flash flood (I think that was the name) Ryan was scared at first, but not Jordyn. She was all about it. After the he went down the slide he loved it though. Another thing he loved was the rope swing. He couldn't get enough!! I was a little scared at first because he doesn't swim that well, but he did awesome!! He has actually become a pretty good swimmer! All in all it was a great time!!

Getting ready for some fun!!

Ryan on the rope swing!! He couldn't get enough!
The Tadpole swimming area! That is Jordyn trying to get on the Alligators tale!
Jordyn going down one of the slides at the tadpole area!

This is where the boys stayed most of the the Wave pool!!

Monday, July 27, 2009


For Dustys vacation this year we decided that we were going to go camping. So we packed up our stuff and headed up to Hope campground in Provo Canyon! It was really nice to get away from everything and just be out in nature. Dusty is really into Geo caching right now. Geo caching is where people basically go around hiding things (treasure) and then they go online and post where it is and you go and find it. Alot of the times you have to hike up a mountain and go find it. They are all over the world. So Dusty bought a GPS that had the Geo caching maps and stuff on it and that is what he and Ryan mostly did while we were up there. Some geo caches are big and have things in them to trade for, but some are just little ones where you sign your name to say you found it. I am really not a good at explaining things, so this probably doesn't sound as fun and interesting as it really is. Anyhow they did that and I sat and read and relaxed. Ryan and Jordyn made friends with the kids camping next to us!! It was great!! It kept them happy!! Then on the last night Ali and Greg and their kids and Brody and Maddy and their baby came up and spent the last night!! It was an awesome time.

Repelling Down Battlecreak Falls!!

So a couple of weeks ago we decided to hike up battle creak falls once again!! Only this time we decided that repelling down the falls would be FUN!! So we hiked up there and when we got there, there was already some people repelling down the one side, so the decided that the would go straight down the lesser of the two evil falls! Julia, Linda's daughter, went down first-The Guinea Pig is what she really was!!! It was great, but they found out that you have to go in the falls the whole way, pretty much, or it would be too hard. Then Reggie went down. He slipped and slammed right into the falls-I have to admit, it was a little funny!! Seeing REGGIE fall into the falls!! Then we decided to see if Ryan would go. He got to the top and hesitated a bit, but as soon as uncle Reggie told him that he could say he did something his dad hadn't done he was all for it. So Reggie lowered him down, not being able to see where Ryan was going or how fast he was going. So when he started going a little fast, Linda yelled for him to stop and Ryan was stopped right under the falls!!! It was hilarious!!! When Ryan was done he had the biggest grin on his face because he had done something his daddy hadn't (Dusty was unable to go down because they didn't have a harness big enough).

Julia going down first-The Guinea Pig!!

Reggies Fall!!

This is where uncle Reggie stopped Ryan right under the falls!!

SOOOOOOOO proud of himself!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Today was the first day of the American Fork Carnival and I decided to take the kids today, because we have family coming in to town and I wasn't sure if there would be time any other day. The kids had tons of fun!! They even rode the Gee-Wizz!! If you don't know what that is it is a ride that goes around in a circle, but it goes pretty high in the sky. Ryan was scared to go on it at first, so I bribed him with candy, but Jordyn was excited to go (I find it funny that she is 2 yrs younger than him, yet she is my little dare devil!! Except when it comes to ants of course :) ) They loved it so much they went twice! The rode the merry-go-round, the trucks (of course!), the roller coasters (2) and went in the little obstacle course thing twice!! All in all it was a great time and the kids had fun!!

The Gee-Wizz

The Slide
Waiting in line for the roller coaster
Riding on the roller coaster-hands in air!

Logan is Home!!!

My nephew Logan came home from his mission yesterday!!! We were so excited to see him again. Two years is a LONG time!! Ryan was telling everyday "Mom only 3 days till Logan gets home!" then 2 and 1. The day of he was sooo excited!! He actually arrived before we got to the airport, so he was waiting for us. We all got our hugs, then came the glasses and leis!! It was great to see him again. He hasn't changed except that he is a little buffer!! So if anyone knows a cute, nice mormon girl send her my way........ I've got a handsome return missionary to introduce them to!!! :)
His Family and Jordyn-she sneeked in there!!
Funny Picts!!
Grandma and Logan!
Me, Ryan and Jordyn-Dusty had to work :(

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July Fun!!!

We went to my dads house for the 4th of July weekend and went 4 wheeling/jeeping/trucking!! There were only 4 4 wheelers so my sister Kim and her husband brought their Jeep and my dad brought the truck. So Jason, Dusty, Garrett, Ryan and Jordyn rode in the Jeep and Me, Diane and Kaitlyn rode in the truck and everyone else rode on 4 wheelers. It was awesome!! We saw some way pretty country and we all got to enjoy it. Afterwards we came back to my dads and had a bbq. I made a flag cake that was soooo yummy!! Love it!!!! Then we camped in my dads yard! It was an awesome 4th!!
Kim, Jordyn and Ryan

Me and Kaitlyn and Jordyn (she rode in the truck a little, then decided she wanted to ride in the Jeep)
One of the Pit stops!!
Ryan and Jordyn Chillin in the Jeep before we left!
Me and my sisters!!