Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sugar cookies and Gingerbread houses!!!

Kids are out of school and Christmas is around the corner so why not make some cookies and gingerbread houses right???  I had a blast with the kids making these it was was so much fun!  The gingerbread houses were funnest.  Seeing the kids come up with some fun ideas on their own was so fun to watch.  Good Times!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Temple Square 2011

Every year we go up to the temple to look at all the pretty lights.  This year was no different  :)  We went out to dinner than caught Trax to go to the temple.  The kids enjoyed swinging on the handrails in the trax train on the way up.  On the way back it was standing room only, so they couldn't do it then.  It was so pretty and decorated.  I love looking at the lights there.  It was a great evening with my sisters and our kids.  Loved it!!! Here are some of the many pics we took  :)

Saturday, December 10, 2011


My super awesome sister Kim flew me and my other sister Michelle out to Boston for the weekend of the 3rd for another girls trip.  We have been so fortunate to be able to take girls trips together a couple times, and I thoroughly enjoy them.  It is sister time and there is nothing better than that  :)  The first night we went to Salem to see all the cool witch trial stuff and see a lighthouse.  Its gets dark there at 4 and everything, I mean EVERYTHING closes at 4.  It was really weird  :)  Seeing and hearing all about the Salem witch trials was really cool. Then we went to a local brewery and has some yummy food and some yummy beer.  The next day we went around Boston looking at all the historic sights and freaking awesome architecture.  I love Boston!! The buildings are just so cool and it is full of so much history that we couldn't cram it all in to our little trip.  We went on a trolley tour and on a walking tour and still didn't get to see all we wanted to. The next day we hurried and went and saw some more lighthouses before we flew out.  They are pretty cool, but mostly seen from the water, so guess we will have to go another time when the boat rides are open.  :)   I am so grateful for the opportunity to be able to have these special times with my sisters.  Hopefully someday I will be able to plan and pay for one of these trips too! LOVED IT, LOVED IT, LOVED IT!!!! Hey guess what??? I LOVED IT!!!
Salem witch trial museum
Trinity church
Cool lighthouse in Salem
Battle of bunker hill memorial
I was obsessed with the fire escapes.  Don't ask me why!  I really wanted to go and climb on them
Same lighthouse, but cooler picture
Can't have serious pictures all the time!!
Our tour guide Tim!  He was pretty cute and I loved the Boston accent!!!
Really tired after flying and exploring all day, so hey lets have a drink!!
The oldest running Tavern! Of course we had to see what it was all about too ;)
Super cool buildings!
Love the architecture!
The old and the new!
Our Trolley that we took a tour on!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

This year for Thanksgiving we decided to do dinner at our house with just us and my sister Kim.  That morning we woke up and I put the turkey breast in the crock pot and then we all headed out to do a 5k at the temple that benefited a little boy who has cancer.  So we got in some exercise and they raised some money for him.  Then we came home and started making the feast.  Kim made a nummy relish tray to snack on during the process.  After dinner we decided to take a walk to the park and had a really fun time.  It was a great and simple Thanksgiving.  I am soooo thankful for my family, immediate and extended!

Us right before the 5k
Kim and the kids right before the 5k

Dusty cutting up the ham that he was gonna make!  It was super yummy!
MMMMMM the food is almost done!
The yummy food!
Family pic!
Apparently mom needed to be dog piled on!
The kids trying to hide from us on our walk to the park

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy 7th Bday Jordyn Mae!!!

I can't believe it has already been 7 years since my baby girl was born.  It seems like it was just yesterday she was this little baby and now she is a big 7 year old.  You are my sweet, creative, opinionated, emotional, "fashionable" and beautiful girl.  I have loved you ever since I found out that I was going to have another baby.  You are such a sweet girl who always wants to do things with family and always comes up with these cute little "creations"  :)  You say when you grow up you want to be an artist and a rock star and I think if you put your mind to it, you can do whatever you want.  You are so creative and are always coloring or playing with play dough.  I love the diva in you, even though she is a big pain in the butt sometimes.  You love fashion and have to look cute all the time.  I love/loath this about you.  You are my sweet little monkey and I am so glad that you chose me to be your mom!!! Happy Bday my baby girl!!
First day you blessed our lives
1 year old
2 years old
3 years old
4 years old
5 years old
6 years old
My big 7 year old!!!  :(

Monday, October 31, 2011


The kids Halloween costumes this year were super easy to do, so that was really nice come Monday morning.  Jordyn was a Utah Utes cheerleader, Ryan was a Mad Scientist and I was a Sexy Pirate.  It was really fun dressing up this year.  I usually don't dress up, but since I've lost so much weight decided to celebrate with a fun costume.  The kids had a super fun time this year. We went to spanish fork to a free haunted house and around the neighborhood there. It was a great night!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Witches Night Out!!

Me and my sisters went to Witches Night Out at Gardner Village last night.  It was so much fun to dress up and do funky makeup.  It was a girls night out that ROCKED!! We danced and walked around and danced some more!! It was an awesome time out with my sisters.
The Queen Witch!