Friday, January 30, 2009

"Who, Whos your Valentine?"

I went to a stampin Up! club a little while back and we made this really cute owl bag. So I thought that they were so cute that I decided to make them for the kids to take to school for Valentines for their classes. Green for Ryan and Pink for Jordyn. I love to do this kind of stuff! I know it takes a long time, but one of the perks of being a stay at home mom is that I have the time to do stuff like this. And they are sooooo adorable for the kids to bring to class. I remember when I was young, their would always be one girl in my class that would have the coolest things for the class on holidays and I thought it was so neat that they went the extra mile. Now my kids get to be the ones bringing the cool stuff. Plus I get to be all creative. Which I LOVE!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

My dad is awesome!!

I just wanted to take a minute to say how awesome my dad is!! You know my frustration post about trying to find a seat for the jeep, well my dad was cool enough to weld it for me. That saved me a bunch of money trying to find a stupid seat-which is next to impossible for my year of jeep. My dad is always there to help me out when I am in a bind and I just wanted to let everyone know how cool he is!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


So this post is more of a vent than a post, so if you don't want to read it I understand. So I went to get the Jeep emission and inspected and it failed safety. I was so mad. It needs two new lights-no big deal, new front brakes and roaters-no big deal. And a new front seat--BIG BIG DEAL!! You would think that that would be not that hard right.......wrong!! We cannot find it(used) anywhere. We really can't afford new, so used is our only option. Well I guess this specific jeep can only have the exact same make, model and year of seat. Why can't they be universal. AAHHHHHHH!! It has to be a 1996 Jeep Cherokee Sport 2 wheel drive. Nothing else. How dumb. Luckily, my dad might be able to weld it. I hope so. Otherwise, I am screwed. Another crappy thing this week is that both of my kids are sick :( Ryan hasn't been to school at all this week and neither has Jordyn. But I took them to the doctor today and he gave them some strong cough medicine and antibiotic, so hopefully they will get better. I am just glad that they aren't running a 103 degree fever anymore. WHAT A WEEK!! God willing, the weekend will be a fun one-Greg and Ali are coming over on Sat. to hang out. We really need a break from life and just have some fun!! Anyway, I am done ranting and I feel better now. LOVE YOUR FACES!! Hopefully a fun post will follow soon!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


My friend Ali asked me to make her some thank-you cards and here is a picture of what I made. I am really proud of this card because I thought of it all by myself. I didn't cheat and go to like I usually do. And the top note dye cut is so freakin cute. I love it!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

School Pictures

So I just finished scrapbooking Ryan and Jordyns school pictures. I don't know about you, but I do not like how schools are doing the class pictures. They don't have the kids stand together and take a picture, the just use their school pictures and stick them together. I just don't like the look of it. I am glad that Jordyns pre-school did it the old way. Anyway here are my pages! Ryans is a little more simple, but his class picture is made out to look like a comic book thing, so I figured it had enough detail on it.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New place to find backgrounds!!

I was messing with my blog and I erased my background. Well when I went to to see about getting a new one, I couldn't access it. They were having problems. So I did a search and found this website with some more cute backgrounds on it. It doesn't have as many as the other one, but it gives you more options. The website is I have a link on my blog list if you want to check it out.

Friday, January 2, 2009


Me and my "Kmart Gal Pals" got together on the 30th to have dinner and catch up. I love that we are all still friends even though we don't work together anymore. The only one who wasn't able to make it was Ashli. She was sick, but we missed her tons. We just ate and caught up on life. Tory brought her way cute daughter Kyri. She is so freaking cute. I love her little round cheeks. Jill is pregnant and living in California, and Carrie is loving being a mom of 2 adorable children. I hope that we can continue getting together and being friends.


Tory and Carrie and Kyri