Friday, February 27, 2009

New Do!!

So tell me what you think?? I decided that I wanted to go back blond. I haven't been blond since me and Dusty first got married and I wanted a change. Anyone who knows me knows that I change my hair color frequently, but I haven't done blond in a long time (almost 9 years!) Then I decided that if I was going to change my color I might as well change my style too. So I got an A-line hair cut. Now what inspired me to get this cut was a post my friend Carrie did on her blog about a cut she recently got and she showed her haircuts from the past and I really liked the A-line one. So tell me what you think. It isn't as blond as I want it, but since my hair was so dark to begin with, it will take a couple times to get it where I want it. I also have some low-lights in it that make it look a little darker too.

Totally scary situation!!

So I get a call today from my visiting teacher and she tells me that their is a shooter on the loose and that all the schools by our houses are on lock down. And I was like WHAT?? I had noticed earlier that there was a cop at our stop sign looking in cars and stuff, but I hadn't heard anything on the news, so I didn't know what was going on. Well I guess right down the street from me a guy was loading his 4 wheelers in his truck and some guy came up and shot him. My niece and my sister-in-law both work right down the road from me, so I was a little scared, but by the time I knew about it he got caught shortly after. That is such a scary situation. To know that that happened right down the block is scary. I count my blessings that he didn't run toward my house, he ran the opposite direction.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lacy needs.........

This is a post just like the last one, but a little different This is the same rules as "Lacy likes to" but it is "Lacy needs." I think these are so funny. They have some really weird things pop up. Gotta love google.

-Lacy needs to get a clue. (You don't know how true that is!)

-Lacy needs to learn self control (It's like they really are talking about me!)

-Lacy needs to see the humans around him are in control (???)

-Lacy needs help too. (We all have known that I need help for some time now)

-Lacy needs to go!!! (where exactly?)

-Lacy needs a home. (I've got one, but hey a summer cabin would be nice!)

- Lacy needs some TLC. (Always!!)

-Lacy needs to have a job (Hey!! Being a mom is a job!)

-Lacy needs everything ( I do like to shop!!)

-Lacy needs to visit the veterinarian for a blood and urine test ( Wow, what do I have that I have to visit a vet instead of a human doctor....scary!!)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Lacy likes to......

I saw this on my friends Tory and Nicole's blogs and I thought it would be fun! Here's what you do-a.) go to google b.) type your name and "likes to" in the search line all in quotations (ex. "Lacy likes to"). c.) list the top ten things that come up.

-Lacy likes swim ( it's true I do like to swim!)
-Lacy likes to roll up his sleeves (k first of all i am not a guy and second i hate to have my sleeves rolled up! I will push them up, but rolling them is a waste of time because they always unroll or aren't even)
-Lacy likes to put on great fights (okay!)
-Lacy likes to color!! (I love to color!! I can sit for hours and just color with Jordyn!)
-Lacy likes to sleep!! (I love to sleep, unfortunately my body doesn't believe in sleeping in for some reason!)
-Lacy likes to take a handful of notes and deliberate over them. (Whatever that means!)
-Lacy likes to hang around with her family and be where the action is.(Totally true!)
-Lacy likes to hide under the bed to make ball playing more fun. (If I could fit under the bed maybe!)
-Lacy likes to tip.(If the service is good, I do like to tip)
-Lacy likes to say. ``We're here to manage the wildlife."(Yep, it is a constant saying coming out of my mouth! ;) )
I Tag everyone who feels like to this. It is pretty fun to see what comes up. I had about 7 pages worth, but I just wrote what was on the first page.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Another vent session!!

K I am so mad right now that I have to vent!! I was in Walmart today and I was walking past the shoe department. There was some water on the floor and, of course, I slipped on it. I fell right on my butt. Well right across from me there was a male employee stocking something. He looked at me and walked away. He didn't ask if I was okay, or acknowledge me in anyway. Now I know he saw what happened because he went and got some paper towels to clean it up. Now, I worked in retail for 10 years as most of you know, and our main thing was customer satisfaction. If the customer isn't happy than nobody is. Customers make a business work. If you were to see something like that you take care of the customer first. To me that was the rudest employee I have ever met. To not even ask if I was okay!! How can you do that? I know that if it was me, and I saw someone slip on something I would ask if they were okay. Not being an employee, just being a concerned person. Now the fact that he was an employee just made it worse. I don't blame Walmart, because it's not there fault that he was an inconsiderate asshole (pardon the language). I was so mad that I just bought my stuff and left. Thinking back, I should have complained, so that he could realize that what he did was wrong, but I just left. Now that I have vented to the world I feel better, thanks for listening!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines!!

I just wanted to say HaPpY vAlEnTiNeS dAy!! to all of my friends and family!! I love you so much and love that you are a part of my life. My life is BeTtEr because you are in it. I am copying my friend CaRrIe on this, but I want you to post something on here that you LoVe. Not a person, but a thing!! Like a certain type of candy, a show, just something that you absolutely have to indulge in every once in a while. Just leave me a CoMmEnT!! LoVe YoUr FaCeS!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wow!! This is some good information!!

My friend Tory sent this to me and I just wanted to share it with you guys!! I had no idea that there were these kind of seats for older kids. I thought you had to use the lab belt booter seats.

Jordyns first Valentines day party!!

Jordyn had her first Valentines Day party at school yesterday!! She was so excited!! She got to frost and decorate a cookie, they made their Valentines Day bags and they handed out valentines. She is soooo loving Pre-school. She hates that she only gets to go two days a week, so next year I am going to get her in the 3 or 5 day class. The main reason for this post is to tell you the cutest thing. They got to fill out a paper about what they think love is and Jordyn had her teacher write "Love is Daddy!!" I just thought that that was the cutest and sweetest thing. Dusty makes sure that he tells his kids everyday, at least once, that he loves them. And this paper just made his day. He is such a great dad and husband. I don't know what I would do without him. I love you Dusty!

She also drew a picture of her family underneath.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Valentines Day Fun!!

So I know that Valentines isn't until next weekend, but me and my family decided that we were going to go out this past weekend instead and beat the rush. So all of the "grownups" went to the Olive Garden for dinner and then we went bowling. It was so much fun!! We very rarely go out to dinner and fun, it usually is "lets have a BBQ!"so to actually go out with everybody was nice. I sucked at bowling!! I almost fell down the lane twice, but I had fun dancing while I bowled. I love going out and just letting loose. I didn't care that I am overweight and the people were probably thinking "Please stop lady!!" I just enjoyed myself. Then we came back to my house and played Yahtzee until 1:30 in the morning. All in all it was a great time and I'm glad that I got to celebrate it with my family because, believe it or not, I LOVE THEM!! HAPPY VALENTINES GUYS!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Thoughts and Prayers!!!

Dustys two cousins are in the hospital right now. One with congestive heart failure and one got hit by a car while helping someone on the side of the road. I really sucks, because he pulled over to help someone and he gets hit by a car. It just doesn't seem fair. So all I am asking is for all of you to please say a prayer for them. From what I have heard, things aren't going as well as we would hope right now so if you could just say a prayer for them, it would be awesome!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I was tagged by my friend Carrie. You are supposed to list 6 things that make you happy. I think there are many, many things that make me happy, but here are six of them:
1.) When my little boy just come up to me out of the blue and says "I love you mom!"
2.) The way Jordyn will come up to me and flutter her eyes-she is such a cutie.
3.) Sweets-basically any kind you can think of
4.) The smell of hot homemade bread right out of the oven.
5.) The fact that my husband is willing to work his butt off so I can stay home with my kids- I LOVE YOUR FACE DUSTY!!
6.) Going out with friends or family(without kids) to get some adult time.
I tag Chanc,Lindsey, Lacey, Ali, Shelly, Kim, Linda, Lisa, Chelsea,Katherine, Aunt Cennie, Bobbie, Lori, and Loni. Link to the person who has tagged you.Write down six things that make you happy. Post the rules, tag six others and let them know you did it.Then tell the person when your entry is complete.