Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ryans Dance festival!!

Went to the end of the year dance festival at Ryans school and it was great!!! They danced to you got a friend in need from Toy Story. He wanted me to record it, so I just got a couple of pictures of him in his seat and walking in. It was so cute! I am so grateful to have a camera to be able to capture these moments, because I know all to soon he will be leaving home and going to college and I will have these pictures to remember him when he was still my little boy!!! I was going to add the video I took of it, but it was taking sooooo long, so I decided not to. It is on facebook if you want to see it!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dance Pics!!

Went and got Jordyns dance pictures today!! Such a cutie!!!

Silly boys!!

I took this picture of Dusty and Ryan at Subway. Ryan has been doing this new face for a little bit and I get a kick out of it every time!! He is growing up so fast I can't believe it. He is become such a sweet little man. I love him soooo much!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jordyns dance recital!!!

Jordyn had her dance recital last night and it was sooooooo freaking cute!!! She was amazing and so adorable. They did their class dance to Twist and Shout and then she was a flower in the Alice in Wonderland performance. I was super proud of my little girl. She did so good. Here a some highlights of the evening!!

Jordyn and her friend Kameryn backstage before the show
The group doing the twist and shout dance!
My baby girl dancing her heart out!!!
The flowers! It was really hard to get a good pic of her with the other girls in front of her
After the show with the flower grandma bought her
Ryan and Jordyn
Mom and Dad
Grandma Asher!!!

Aunt Lisa and Aunt Shelly were there as well, but for some reason they escaped getting their picture taken :( Thanks to everyone who was able to come and support Jordyn. She really loved that you all were there!!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pre-School Graduation!!

While I have a little bit of time in my crazy day today I thought that I would post some pictures of Jordyns pre-school graduation. She wasn't able to attend the real graduation because she has a dance recital, so I came to the graduation practice and watched. I am sad that she won't get to wear the little cap they are going to have and walk and receive her "diploma" but I am glad that I was able to see a little bit of what will happen tonight!

Her 2 teachers who she will miss like crazy Miss Jennifer and Miss Nettie!
The Funshine Pre-school graduation sign!
Jordyns flower and the picture she drew of herself!
All the classes singing!
The sack lunch day they had after practice!

Friday, May 14, 2010

College guys doing Gaga remix!

I was blog surfing and came upon this and thought it was way to funny! Way better than the original by Gaga I think!!

Ryans new haircut!

I have been begging Ryan to let me cut his hair like this for 2 years!! I think that it is the cutest haircut on little boys! His hair was getting soooo long that I figured now is the best time to do it because he will have enough on top to do the mowhawk. I think it turned out way cute! I even had to cut the top hair a bit because it was too long!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day!!!

I had a wonderful mothers day this year!!!! I woke up to Dusty making breakfast burritos and my kids giving me their hand made gifts that were super cute, then we went to Walmart and got my tomato plants. We came home and the kids and Dusty helped me weed the flower bed so we could plant the tomato plants! That was the best part. I hate weeding them, and to have them help me was super awesome!!! Then Dusty cut some of the branches off of the tree in the backyard that have been bugging me! Then tonight a BBQ with my family!
Dusty and Jordyn weeding
My pretty tomato plants!
Ryan with his book he made me!
Jordyn and her gifts that she made me!
The absolutely awesome gift that my sister Shelly made me of me and my mom!!!