Monday, March 17, 2008

My Monkey

Hey everyone! Well we had a pretty exciting weekend. Me, Dusty, Ryan and Jordyn went over to my sisters house to look and compare some pictures that we are going to be using for a gift for my dad. While we are there Ryan and his cousin Garrett decide that they want to play some games on the Playstation 2. But they need to get some cheats off the computer first. So while Garrett is on the computer getting cheats, Ryan decides he wants to jump on the bed. So he does it, and falls off. It didn't hurt him, so he continues to do it. Well the next time he falls off, he lands wrong on his arm and hurts himself. He runs out into the frontroom yelling and screaming that his arm hurt. Well me and Dusty look at it, but we can't tell if it is broke or not. So we give him about 5 to 10 minutes to calm down and see if it still hurts. Well he still is in agony. So we take him to the hospital and sure enough, he has a broken arm. So they put him in a "soft cast" and sent us home. So today we took him to his regular doctor and he got this cast on. It will only be on for a week and then he goes in and gets a shorter cast on. The irony about all of this is for about a week now Ryan and Jordyn have been sick. Well Saturday was the first day they were feeling better and now he has a broken arm. We are calling him our little monkey now, and everyone who hears the story tells him"Haven't you heard the Monkey on the Bed song-One fell off and broke his arm" Anyway that is all that is happening with our family right now. I'll try and post more later.


G.'s Mommy said...

glad to hear everyone there's feeling better..... and glad to hear he didn't break his head by jumping off the bed, and just his arm :D Thanks so much for letting us come down again, we really had a good time!

Chanc Nicole said...

Ouch! I guess every little boy has to get a few scrapes and bruises. I didn't know that Tim broke his arm though? You'll have to post some more pics and hopefully Ryan's arm heals quickly.