Friday, January 2, 2009


Me and my "Kmart Gal Pals" got together on the 30th to have dinner and catch up. I love that we are all still friends even though we don't work together anymore. The only one who wasn't able to make it was Ashli. She was sick, but we missed her tons. We just ate and caught up on life. Tory brought her way cute daughter Kyri. She is so freaking cute. I love her little round cheeks. Jill is pregnant and living in California, and Carrie is loving being a mom of 2 adorable children. I hope that we can continue getting together and being friends.


Tory and Carrie and Kyri


Carrie said...

It was so great to get together! Thanks for letting us hang at your house! I LOVE that box you made us! I am so going to make those next year for neighbor gifts. Thanks. Happy New Year!

Tory Miller said...

It was lots of fun to hang out the other night! We are going to keep doing it forever and ever!! And for sure when Jill comes back we will have her a baby shower!!