Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jordyns Birthday Invitations!

I decided that for Jordyn's birthday party we were going to do a princess party. She is going to be turning 5 (OMG!) and I think that that is a special birthday. So I decided to make these birthday invitations for her to take to her class. The Aurora cut-out, which I did on my cricut, was soooooo hard. All the different colors had to be cut out separately. The little white eyes, the different shades of pink........yep all seperate!!! It is totally worth it though!!! She is so excited for her princess birthday!!! By the way, because they were so intricate to make, I only made so many. Everyone that I know who has a little girl is invited to come!!! It is Nov. 7 from 2-4 at my house (1261 west 1800 North in Pl. Grove )!! Have your little girl wear her favorite princess outfit!!! They will be making their own crowns, so if you plan on coming please let me know so I am sure to have enough for everyone!!! My cell is 801-362-5149. See you there!!!!
The Invitation!!

The Envelope!!!


Mama Bean said...

Those are AWESOME invites!!! I wish you didn't live so far. I think our monkeys would have fun playing together!

Tory Miller said...

good job lace!! i would have given up by the 2nd one! So cute!

Bethany said...

I love princess parties. Joslyn had one when she turned 4 and it was so cute. You can also play kiss the Frog instead of pin the tail. It was a lot of fun. I hope your princess has a magical time :)

Grams said...

What a queen you are to that sweet princess. You are a Royal Mother. I hope the party is so fun for the girls that it will be forever remembered. Love you and wish I could be there, but am coming for T-Day. Love You