Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I love your faces!!!!

I wanted to let my sisters know how much I love them and appreciate their support!!! They have always been there for me no matter what. Whether its to borrow me money to fix the stupid water valve in this stupid house or just to listen to me gripe about something that me and Dusty are fighting about. They are always there. I am so fortunate to have you guys as my sisters. Thank you for being such great and awesome people!!! We may get into arguments every once in a while but I always know that you will be there when I need you most. Thanks guys!!! I LOVE YOUR FACES!!!!


ShellBell said...

We love your face too! I'm so glad I have such awesome sisters. And, BTW--I'm so glad you're doing Weight Watcher's with me. Your signing up is just the push I needed to make me do it, and I'm so glad we can go together.

Reggie and Linda Lisle said...

You're so lucky to have sisters like this. Wish I had one. My brothers are great and I love them to death but there is just some special bond about sister.