Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ryans first day of second grade!

Ryan started his first day of second grade today. I can't believe how grown up he is getting. It seems like just yesterday I was teaching him how to walk and now he is 8 years old and heading off to second grade. He is such an independent little boy too. He has his own alarm clock to wake him up, and he wakes up just fine, unlike his sister :) He gets up and gets breakfast and gets dressed and brushes his teeth, without me even having to pester him about it at all. He is growing up so much I wish I had a watch to turn back time. I love you Ryan "D"!!! Have a wonderful first day of school!
Ryan striking his new favorite pose.....PEACE!
And a regular pose just for mom!


ShellBell said...

He is such a good kid! I can't get my 13 year-old out of bed to save my life and it's only the first week of school! I have to start waking him up 20 minutes before he actually needs to get up.

Grams said...

Ryan looks like he is growing up waaaay tooo fast! I mean, just look at the dude. He is no longer a little boy. How could this happen. He is so handsome and sweet I love him very much.