Monday, July 18, 2011

This past weekend we went to Jordanelle reservoir and campground for their Fire on the Water thing they do.  It is pretty cool.  They have a band and people decorate their boats and you can sit on the water or the grass and watch the fireworks.  This was our first time going and it was pretty cool.  Jason brought his dads boat and took us out on the water and we had a blast. The second day the boys went out fishing while me and kim stayed with the kids on the beach part and swam a bit.  It was really fun!!!

Jordyn in kims cute hat
Kim in her hat

Jason in kims hat

walking to catch the bus for the fireworks!
A pretty cool sailboat that people decorated for the contest
Kim and Jason
My family!
Pretty cool fireworks
Awesome picture of the moon that Jason took

All tuckered out from a fun weekend

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ShellBell said...

Love the pictures! Wish Shane wouldn't be such a homebody sometimes. I miss out on everything. But I can't have fun if I go without him because I feel bad about it lol.