Thursday, April 3, 2008

I'm a "Great" Aunt!!

I have always told myself that I am a great Aunt, but now its true. My niece Chanc gave birth to the cutest baby boy on Monday. His name is Aidan Thomas Todd and he weighed 7lbs. and 7 oz. and looks so much like his mom I can't believe it. I haven't got to see him in person yet, but I hope I will soon. I just thought it was funny that at 27 years old I am a "Great" Aunt.

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Manuel and Chelsea said...

hahah! I am an aunt...that makes you a great are great but I mean your a GREAT AUNT...does that make you feel old? hahah Just kidding it's weird to think though because my great aunt well she is my grandma's sister. is your little family doing? Hope you guys had fun at Grandma's party..I wish I could have gone, I am just super busy with school right now, but my mom did mention how she loves having you around because you have such a cute and fun personality!! which I agree, never a dull moment with Lacy around... I hope i spelled it right...its difficult I will just tag you all as Dusty's Lac, Andy's Lac and Russel's Lac...hehe! hope you guys are doing great! Lots of love