Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ryans new cast

Well Ryan wanted me to post a picture of his new cast he got on. It is a shorter cast and it makes a ton of difference in his ability to do things for himself, like write and eat. The story behind the color of it is kinda funny. I was in the doctors office with him and I asked him what color he was going to get and he told me red. And I was like, "Red, why red, why not green or blue?" and he looked right into my face and was like" Because red is the color of "Dark" Vaders light saber"(yes I know it's Darth, but he says Dark". And I thought that was so cute. He is so into star wars, and so he had to have a cast to match. What a goofy kid. He gets his cast off on April 14th. What a good anniversary present for me and Dusty huh!!

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