Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So I am making pies for Thanksgiving today and one of them was a chocolate pie. Well I remember when I was a kid licking the bowl, so I decide to let Jordyn lick the bowl (I would have let Ryan, but he was downstairs playing a game-SURPRISE, SURPRISE!). So I am cleaning up my mess and low and behold I turn around and this is what I see. My little Chocolate face girl! Not only is it all over her face, but up her arms and on her shirt. What a cutie pie. I had to take a picture. It almost looks like her face is painted to look like a lion or something. I also wanted to brag that I successfully made meringue on the first try this year. Two years ago I tried and tried and tried, I think I tried 5 different times to make meringue all failing. Last year I didn't even try, but I am so excited that it turned out on the first try this year . I don't know what I was doing wrong, it was a piece of cake-or pie I guess :) Lemon Meringue Pie is Dustys favorite, so I am so excited that it turned out!!


Carrie said...

i love lemon meringe (how you spell?) pie!!! i have never tried to make it. GOOD JOB!!! Did ya hear about Jill, pretty cool :)

Mama Bean said...

Yeah for Pies. I need a good choc pie recipe!! Sometimes it takes more effort to clean the kids after then the whole mess of cooking. AMEN for bathtubs.