Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bridal shower!

So me and my niece, Becca, threw a Bridal shower for my other niece, Katherine, yesterday. It turned out really good.....better than I thought it would. We played a game where she had to answer questions about her and Phillip and if she got them wrong, she had to put gum in her mouth. Well here is the end result...(sorry the picture is a little fuzzy!!)

She could barely talk by the end of it!!!!
We also played a game where we split them into groups and they had to make "theme" wedding dresses.
This is our "Mormon" Bride
This is our "Vegas" Bride
And this is "Cinderella"
All in all it was a pretty fun shower!!


Lindsey said...

I played the gum game at my bridal shower, and I looked like that too! Sounds like you throw a fun party!

Reggie and Linda Lisle said...

The shower was fun. You did a great job and your side kick Becca did too. Now if we could only get Katherine to really wear a wedding dress like that. Stuffing and all.

Carrie said...

i have been to a few bridal showers wher they play that game, including my own. its always a fun one. i have had to be one of the "brides" a few times and they always end up dressing me all skank like, it's funny! anyway, looks like a riot!

you asked about my blog header. i just did it on i am pretty sure you have made some from there too..haven't ya? i thought i saw some of your headers that looked like they were made from there. if not, where do you make yours? love your background. your blog is always so cute. i am pissed b/c i STILL can't get my blog to do the reactions. i don't know why...was there something else you had to do besides just select the box for remarks in the blog post editing? i don't know why i can't make it work!