Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Chillin!

So as I have been browsing people blogs I noticed that alot of people are just doing random updates on their kids and I thought that it was a great idea. So this post is all about them.
First is RyAn!!
Ryan is such a little character! He comes up with the funniest stuff sometimes that I am just like "Where did you get that?" His PASSION!!! is games. He loves to play video games. It actually has kind of become a problem. We have had to limit his play time, because if we let him, he would play games 24/7. I think in the summer it will get better, because he will be able to play outside more. He is growing like a weed!! I swear pants I bought him 2 months ago are to small. And you can't find pants for him at the D.I. because kids his age ruin them so easily. He is such a sweetheart though. He randomly comes up to me daily and waves his finger at me for me to lean down and he gives me a great big bear hug and a kiss. He is enjoying school tons!! I think it is more the social aspect of it, more than the learning that he enjoys, but that is fine too. He is doing really well in school. His teacher says that he is at a reading level that a first grader should be at, and this was at a parent teacher conference months ago and the school year isn't even over yet. He is my little monkey man!!
Now JoRdYn!
Jordyn is such a girly girl, but a tomboy at the same time. She likes to look cute and have her hair and nails done, but she wants to play cars and games with Ryan at the same time. She is adamant about keeping her bangs. I try to do her hair with her bangs to the side or up and she gets mad because she wants them down. She loves to color. Whether it is on her magna doodle or with crayons and a color book, she loves to sit and color. She also loves to sing. As I am typing this she is sitting next to me singing her own little made up song. It is so cute. She is constantly singing some random song she makes up about some random thing. I love it. I need to get my camcorder out and get it on tape. She is in pre-pre-school. She goes twice a week. She loves it because the color and draw alot (letters and the things that start with them!). And they sing alot! She is in heaven. They just learned the pledge of allegience and she actually says it very well. She is such a smarty! She is also very stubborn. She wants what she wants, and if she doesn't get it, she will go to her room and pout. I have to say it is actually pretty cute! She is growing up to fast. She is almost out of the toddler section in the clothing department and into the "big girl" section. It makes me sad :( My baby isn't so much a baby anymore. She is also my little helper. Anytime that I am going to make dinner or do laundry she is right there to "help". It kind of trys my patience sometimes, but it is just her trying to help mommy.


Nicole said...

Such cute kids. It is fun to read more about their personalities. It sounds like there is rarely a dull moment in the Asher household.

ShellBell said...

Oh they are so adorable. These two have such parts of you and Dusty in them sometimes that it just cracks me up. You are lucky, that's for sure.
Oh, and to answer your comment on G's spring pics...........Last year I had some that I couldn't afford. If Lifetouch does yours, you can order them if you keep the order #. I ordered his fall ones from 07 this year when I had the money.
I know that Corey Adams can do it too, and I think they can look it up by teacher and student name.

Grams said...

It is so wonderful to see the kids and how fast they are growing. I am grateful for you keeping up your blog so Grandma can share in some of the antics. They give me many smiles for the day.