Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hiking up to Timp Cave!!!

We decided that we were going to hike up to Timp Cave on Sunday. I haven't been there since I was really little, so I was really excited to go. It was a way hard hike for someone of my size, but it wassoooooo worth it. The caves were sooooo awesome!!! Ali and Greg and their kids and Becca and Julia came with us!!! It was great!!! I am sooooo glad that we did it. By the end the kids were tired and hungry, but they had fun!!!! Oh and the best part...............IT WAS FREE!!! For this weekend only all the national parks were doing free admission to the parks andTimp cave was doing free tours!!! SO SCORE!!!
The start of the hike!

Me and Ali!!

Everyone way ahead of me and Ali!

In the caves!!!

We are just to dang cute!

Totally Awesome!!
At the end of the tour!!

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