Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ryans Bday Party!!

So we had Ryan's birthday party on Saturday at classic skating!! It was a riot. Funny thing is he did hardly any skating at all. They had a big bounce thing set up in the middle of the skating rink, so most of his time was spent there. It actually worked out great because he originally wanted to go to Kangaroo Zoo, a place with a bunch of bouncy houses, but they were way to expensive so he got the best of both worlds. Linda and her family, Ali and Greg and their kids, Shelly and Garrett, and Ryans 2 friends (Makoy and Ryan) all came to enjoy the day!!! It was fun!!!
Ali and Presley
Dusty and Becca
Blowing out the candles
Ryan and his 2 friends from school
Playing in the boucing thing

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