Monday, September 21, 2009

My little soccer man!!!

Ryan had his last soccer game on Saturday. I told myself before every game "Don't Forget Your Camera!!!!", but guess what??? I always did, so this time I stuck it in my purse the night before and actually brought it with me. I am sooooooo glad that I did too because this was his best game yet!!! He was chosen to kick the ball at the beginning of the game, and he was running and kicking the ball all throughout the game as well. It was meant to be that I forgot my camera all the other times!!! He has improved soooooo much in his soccer playing it is amazing. He is just growing up toooo fast!!!! The season ended with a bang!!! My little soccer man!!

Kicking the ball at the beginning of the game!!
Running with the ball
getting the ball
Ryan and his 2 coaches


Grams said...

He is such an awesome man. Love your blog. It brings me so much closer to all of you.

ShellBell said...

So cute and sporty. Sometimes I wish I could get G to play sports. I should have done it when he was little, but I didn't have the money.