Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Way cute hair!!!

I have been trying to find new and cute hairstyles for me to do on Jordyn, so I googled cute hairstyles for girls and it led me to a This lady has some of the cutest hairstyles for girls. From her blog I found some others too. I listed them under my favorites blog list. This is one of the hairdos that I found on one of the blogs. I think it is sooooo cute!!! I am so excited to try some new things with Jordyns hair!!!

The side with the twisted braid!

The other side with the three braids going sideways!!

All 4 braids pulled back into a pony!! SOOOO CUTE!!!


Grams said...

Such a brilliant hairdo. Kiss her for me.

ShellBell said...

Man--this is the whole reason I always wanted a girl. But, the drama is a whole other thing. Good thing she's so cute.