Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day!!!

I had a wonderful mothers day this year!!!! I woke up to Dusty making breakfast burritos and my kids giving me their hand made gifts that were super cute, then we went to Walmart and got my tomato plants. We came home and the kids and Dusty helped me weed the flower bed so we could plant the tomato plants! That was the best part. I hate weeding them, and to have them help me was super awesome!!! Then Dusty cut some of the branches off of the tree in the backyard that have been bugging me! Then tonight a BBQ with my family!
Dusty and Jordyn weeding
My pretty tomato plants!
Ryan with his book he made me!
Jordyn and her gifts that she made me!
The absolutely awesome gift that my sister Shelly made me of me and my mom!!!

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