Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ryans Dance festival!!

Went to the end of the year dance festival at Ryans school and it was great!!! They danced to you got a friend in need from Toy Story. He wanted me to record it, so I just got a couple of pictures of him in his seat and walking in. It was so cute! I am so grateful to have a camera to be able to capture these moments, because I know all to soon he will be leaving home and going to college and I will have these pictures to remember him when he was still my little boy!!! I was going to add the video I took of it, but it was taking sooooo long, so I decided not to. It is on facebook if you want to see it!

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Carrie said...

you are way too good at keeping up your blog! good for you, but i'm jealous! Haha! love to see all the stuff you guys are up to! have a fun summer!!