Thursday, July 8, 2010


I took the kids to the steel days carnival today. It is kind of a tradition for us, plus it is the cheapest time to take them to the carnival because they sell their tickets in advance. The kids loved it. Jordyn is my little dare devil. She wanted to go on all the rides that were for teenagers. Unfortunately, she is to short to go on them, so she had to deal with just going on the Gee Wizz. They had a ball!
The Dragon roller coaster
The 4x4 trucks!
The big yellow slide

The Gee Wizz, their favorite ride!
The Merry Go Round

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ShellBell said...

This sure brings back memories. I wish I had lived there when Garrett was growing up. He doesn't get excited for the carnival at all. I loved it. I wish I could still ride the rides. Maybe someday.