Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dustys new "Toy"

Dusty got a nice little bonus from work a couple of weeks back and he decided that he wanted to buy this gun he has been wanting FOREVER!!! He got it and immediately wanted to take it shooting :) Unfortunately the weather was not on his side.  He had to wait a whole week before he could take it shooting.  Now for anyone a whole week wait to do something that you really want to do is like eternity!  When the weather finally agreed we went on the other side of Utah lake and took it shooting.  I have to say it is a pretty cool gun.  I don't like guns really, but this one is pretty cool.  Next time we take it, I will definitely need to bring ear plugs because my ears were ringing after shooting it once.  Both kids got to shoot it too.  Ryan loved it, Jordyn was like EH!  I think next time Ryan and Dusty will go shooting and me and Jordyn will go get our nails done :)
The Pretty view across the lake
Some more pretty view
Dusty doing his first shot!

Dusty teaching Ryan

Dusty helping Jordyn

Me in all my glory......yeah right!

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ShellBell said...

You got some really pretty view pictures of the lake. The reflection of the mountain in the water is gorgeous!