Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I haven't wrote on here in a while, so I thought I better update a little bit :)  I just hate doing posts without pictures, but o well.  So I am starting school to become a medical assistant and I am a little scared.  I haven't been in school for almost 15 years and I am a little out of practice.  I think I will survive, but I am just nervous.   Dusty is working his butt off at Fusion-i.o.  The company has really been growing and it is exciting.  He got his first handgun and loves it.  With the start of spring he is getting more into the biking and wanting to go hiking, and I can't wait.  I need some outside exercise, this inside stuff is killing me :)  Ryan is a typical 8 year old boy.  He still wants to play games all the time, but we try and limit it to 1 hour a day.  He has recently got a new friend that comes over all the time and wants to play outside, so that is good for him.  He is working hard at scouts and earning belt loops and arrows all the time.  Jordyn is still a little munchkin!! She is loving kindergarten and learning to read and spell.  She is still such a little artist.  She is constantly drawing pictures of what the current holiday is.  Right now it is bunnies and they are better than I could ever draw.  Life is good right now, I couldn't ask for a better family! 


Grams said...

You do have the best family. Know how much you are all loved. Good luck on school. I will be rooting for you!

ShellBell said...

You rock and I know you will do well in school! Love your fam!!