Thursday, April 28, 2011

My little artist!!!!

For weeks now Dusty has been asking me to get him some pictures of our family and stuff to put in his office and being the slacker that I am I haven't done it yet.  So last night while I was at school Jordyn was hanging out with her dad and she decided to make him some pictures of our family!  Okay, so pretty much any 6 year old can draw a picture right?? Well do they pay as much attention to detail as Jordyn?? I was amazed when I saw these.  The detail that she puts into them are amazing.  Love her and her super special drawings.  It makes me not want to throw anything away that she does.
This picture is one of her and her dad hiking.  Notice that they have their water packs on, but they are facing you so you can only see part of them.  I would have just drawn the straps, but she drew part of the packs too!!!
This one is the one that really amazed me.  This is a picture of me giving the kids kisses at bedtime.  She has me in my scrubs (cause during the week I barely get home from school in enough time to give them kisses), she has her butterfly decoration that is on her wall.  She has the light in the room, Ryan on the bottom bunk, Leo, our dog, underneath the bed where he always sleeps and both of their Easter baskets that are sitting on their floor right now. 
It may just be me, but I think my daughter is one of the most talented 6 year old I have ever seen.  LOVE YOU JORDYN MAE!!!!!!

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Sunflowergrams said...

She is one very smart artist. Both kids are wonderful and awesome. I love you all soooo very much.