Saturday, February 11, 2012

The G!!!

So as you may not of noticed, this year we haven't really experienced a winter.  I think we got enough snow to make a snowman once and it was gone the next day.  Well today was an especially nice day and it's a Saturday, so me and Dusty decided that we wanted to hike to the G!  Now some of you may not know, but that isn't the easiest of hikes for a person.  It is mostly a really steep grade up.  I did it all last year almost dying by the end, but I did it!!! This year was my first time and it was sooooo much easier than the very last time I did it last year.  Don't get me wrong, I was still gasping for air at the end, but it just seemed easier to me.  I guess my almost 100 pound weight loss could have something to do with it huh??  I am so excited for spring and summer this year! Camping and hiking and biking here we come.  And look out cause you will not defeat me this year!! I will kick you square in the ass!!!  I just want to thank my family and friends (especially you ww girls who inspire me all the time) for supporting me and helping me to achieve things that I never knew I wanted.  I LOVE MY LIFE!!!

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