Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Camping Aug. 2012

We went on our first camping trip for this year in August.  We usually go a lot more than that, but this year has been kinda weird.  We went to payson lakes so we would have water to play in and I remember going there as a kid and having a blast.  It was fun.  The lake was super low though, which made it kinda lame, but we did go hiking and stuff, so it was still a really fun time.  We went on a small hike to the Grotto one day for the kids, and they really liked it.  Then we went on another hike that was a real nice long hike called loafer mountain.  It was a great time to get out of the house and be in nature.  Loved it!!! Hopefully next year we will go camping a lot more :)
Our camp
The kids excited to camp!
Me and Jordyn
Ryan and Dusty
The best part of camping.....SMORES!!!
Playin a little football in the lake
Me testing out my hammock kim got me for my bday!  This is the first time I got to use it.
The kids at the Grotto

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