Monday, June 16, 2008

Anniversary Inn-Joanies Diner!!

We stayed at the Anniversary Inn in Logan on May 31 for our Anniversary, which was in April. Now we have stayed at the two that are in Salt Lake, but I have to tell you this one is so much better. The room was the size of two rooms in the ones in Salt Lake. It did take us 2 hours to get there, but it was so worth it. The bedroom part of the room was done in pink and had flowers on the wall, it was really "Grandma" looking. However it did go with the 50s theme they were doing. But the kitchen and the bathroom were the best. It had a jukebox, and black and white tiled floor. It had a phone boothe that really worked. And a HUGE jacuzzi tub. I could have stayed in the tub the entire time, it was that relaxing. They had a soda fountain and a hotdog and bun toaster. They also had the makings for a banana split for us to share. They had some seats that looked like a booth in a restaurant. It was so AWESOME!! We are so going there next time we want to stay at the Anniversary Inn.


Carrie said...

hey lacy! the background is cute! i don't know why you said you did not like it, i do! anyway, it sounds like your time at anniversary inn WAS awesome! i think we will have to try the logan one out as well. you do a good job on your "journal entries" on your blog, i can just hear your voice telling me as i read it, it's funny. i never know what to say on mine! anyway, good hangin out today, next time we really should try the splash park out. tata for now! ~Carrie

Carrie said...

oh! this background on your blog is so cute too! anyway, that was so sweet what you said on my blog about our adoption of d & m. that is really awesome that you guys are thinking about it! :) it is truly an awesome thing. any little baby would be blessed to be a part of your beautiful family.