Thursday, June 26, 2008


We got our pool put up about a month ago and let me just tell you it has been WONDERFUL!! The kids just love it. There really isn't a day that we haven't been in it. Our old pool, may it rest in peace, had a blow up ring around it. Well, you can imagine, after the neighborhood cats sat on it enough, it got way to many, and to big of holes in it to repair. So last year we didn't have a pool. And we noticed the difference, let me tell you. It sucked!! So this year we decided we were going to get a pool that wasn't the blow-up ring kind. So to anyone out there who might ever get a pool, don't get the blow-up ring kind if you have cats in your neighborhood. Anyway, my kids are like fish. They absolutely just love it. They look like little surfer kids, with their tan bodies and bleach blonde hair. I love their swimsuits too. I got them at Costco, and they are awesome!! They have the shirts, so they are protected from the sun more and the cute little bottoms. Ryan has Pirates of the Caribbean and Jordy just has some cute flowers and a seahorse. Just thought I would share some cute pics of the kids swimming.

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Carrie said...

Your pool looks sooo fun! I will have to get a nice big one when my kids get a little older. It sounds as if it has been worth every penny for you. I love the pics of Ryan at baseball. I see the mountains above p.g. in them and it reminds me of home...good ole Utah County! Your cute kids do look like lil California beach bums! So cute! :)