Monday, February 23, 2009

Lacy likes to......

I saw this on my friends Tory and Nicole's blogs and I thought it would be fun! Here's what you do-a.) go to google b.) type your name and "likes to" in the search line all in quotations (ex. "Lacy likes to"). c.) list the top ten things that come up.

-Lacy likes swim ( it's true I do like to swim!)
-Lacy likes to roll up his sleeves (k first of all i am not a guy and second i hate to have my sleeves rolled up! I will push them up, but rolling them is a waste of time because they always unroll or aren't even)
-Lacy likes to put on great fights (okay!)
-Lacy likes to color!! (I love to color!! I can sit for hours and just color with Jordyn!)
-Lacy likes to sleep!! (I love to sleep, unfortunately my body doesn't believe in sleeping in for some reason!)
-Lacy likes to take a handful of notes and deliberate over them. (Whatever that means!)
-Lacy likes to hang around with her family and be where the action is.(Totally true!)
-Lacy likes to hide under the bed to make ball playing more fun. (If I could fit under the bed maybe!)
-Lacy likes to tip.(If the service is good, I do like to tip)
-Lacy likes to say. ``We're here to manage the wildlife."(Yep, it is a constant saying coming out of my mouth! ;) )
I Tag everyone who feels like to this. It is pretty fun to see what comes up. I had about 7 pages worth, but I just wrote what was on the first page.


Carrie said...

Asher avenue...Very Cute!!! So, i did this too, I have not posted it yet, but i am gunna, cause I think it's pretty fun :0 how do you do the reaction thing down at the bottom of each post? you little blogging gal!

p.s. i know i have personally heard you say, "we are here to manage the wildlife" MANY times! HaHaHaHa!!!

Tory Miller said...

I'm glad so many people decided to do this. I thought it was pretty funny. Try the new one! It's just as funny if not funnier. For my name it was funnier.