Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lacy needs.........

This is a post just like the last one, but a little different This is the same rules as "Lacy likes to" but it is "Lacy needs." I think these are so funny. They have some really weird things pop up. Gotta love google.

-Lacy needs to get a clue. (You don't know how true that is!)

-Lacy needs to learn self control (It's like they really are talking about me!)

-Lacy needs to see the humans around him are in control (???)

-Lacy needs help too. (We all have known that I need help for some time now)

-Lacy needs to go!!! (where exactly?)

-Lacy needs a home. (I've got one, but hey a summer cabin would be nice!)

- Lacy needs some TLC. (Always!!)

-Lacy needs to have a job (Hey!! Being a mom is a job!)

-Lacy needs everything ( I do like to shop!!)

-Lacy needs to visit the veterinarian for a blood and urine test ( Wow, what do I have that I have to visit a vet instead of a human doctor....scary!!)

1 comment:

Tory Miller said...

so funny! maybe you have the same problem as me and you choose to urinate on everything!! HA HA