Monday, July 27, 2009


For Dustys vacation this year we decided that we were going to go camping. So we packed up our stuff and headed up to Hope campground in Provo Canyon! It was really nice to get away from everything and just be out in nature. Dusty is really into Geo caching right now. Geo caching is where people basically go around hiding things (treasure) and then they go online and post where it is and you go and find it. Alot of the times you have to hike up a mountain and go find it. They are all over the world. So Dusty bought a GPS that had the Geo caching maps and stuff on it and that is what he and Ryan mostly did while we were up there. Some geo caches are big and have things in them to trade for, but some are just little ones where you sign your name to say you found it. I am really not a good at explaining things, so this probably doesn't sound as fun and interesting as it really is. Anyhow they did that and I sat and read and relaxed. Ryan and Jordyn made friends with the kids camping next to us!! It was great!! It kept them happy!! Then on the last night Ali and Greg and their kids and Brody and Maddy and their baby came up and spent the last night!! It was an awesome time.

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