Monday, July 27, 2009

Repelling Down Battlecreak Falls!!

So a couple of weeks ago we decided to hike up battle creak falls once again!! Only this time we decided that repelling down the falls would be FUN!! So we hiked up there and when we got there, there was already some people repelling down the one side, so the decided that the would go straight down the lesser of the two evil falls! Julia, Linda's daughter, went down first-The Guinea Pig is what she really was!!! It was great, but they found out that you have to go in the falls the whole way, pretty much, or it would be too hard. Then Reggie went down. He slipped and slammed right into the falls-I have to admit, it was a little funny!! Seeing REGGIE fall into the falls!! Then we decided to see if Ryan would go. He got to the top and hesitated a bit, but as soon as uncle Reggie told him that he could say he did something his dad hadn't done he was all for it. So Reggie lowered him down, not being able to see where Ryan was going or how fast he was going. So when he started going a little fast, Linda yelled for him to stop and Ryan was stopped right under the falls!!! It was hilarious!!! When Ryan was done he had the biggest grin on his face because he had done something his daddy hadn't (Dusty was unable to go down because they didn't have a harness big enough).

Julia going down first-The Guinea Pig!!

Reggies Fall!!

This is where uncle Reggie stopped Ryan right under the falls!!

SOOOOOOOO proud of himself!!!

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Reggie and Linda Lisle said...

I love this picture sooooo... much. The look on Dusty's face and the look on Ryan's face say it all. I am not sure who was prouder of the accomplishment, Dusty or Ryan.