Thursday, July 16, 2009

Logan is Home!!!

My nephew Logan came home from his mission yesterday!!! We were so excited to see him again. Two years is a LONG time!! Ryan was telling everyday "Mom only 3 days till Logan gets home!" then 2 and 1. The day of he was sooo excited!! He actually arrived before we got to the airport, so he was waiting for us. We all got our hugs, then came the glasses and leis!! It was great to see him again. He hasn't changed except that he is a little buffer!! So if anyone knows a cute, nice mormon girl send her my way........ I've got a handsome return missionary to introduce them to!!! :)
His Family and Jordyn-she sneeked in there!!
Funny Picts!!
Grandma and Logan!
Me, Ryan and Jordyn-Dusty had to work :(

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