Sunday, November 1, 2009


We went to my sister-in-law Lindas for Halloween this year. Their neighborhood does a trunk or treat so it is really convenient. Her girls got all dressed up this year. Julia was a bride who was left at the alter and so she was trying to kill herself, Katherine was the Greek Goddess Aphrodite, and Becca dressed up as a girl Pirate. They all looked awesome!!! My nephew Garrett came with us as well. It was a last minute decision for him so I took him to Wal-mart and bought him a t-shirt that came with a bandanna that had a monster mouth on it. My kids loved trick-or-treating!!! Duh!! You get free candy!! It was a pretty good Halloween!!!
Batarina and Skeleton!
T-shirt monster!
Bride, Pirate and Greek Goddess!!
The whole Group!!!


Nicole said...

Very cute! It is fun to see all three sisters together and dressed up. How fun! Your kids are so adorable. I love the Batarina costume. he he

Grams said...

So loved all these pictures. The costumes were superb and fun. The school pictures were so great. J's hair was absolutely to die for. Love you and your work.