Sunday, November 8, 2009

Jordyns 5th birthday party!!

On Saturday we had Jordyns 5th birthday party. It was a princess themed party, of course, and all her friends came dressed in their princess dresses. It was sooooo much fun!!! Jordyn absolutely loved it!!! They decorated their very own crowns, sat at the princess table and had cake and ice cream, and played Kiss the Frog! It was a very successful party! Thanks to all the girls for coming and to all the family that came too!!!
Decorating their crowns!!
All the girls eating cake around Jordyns little princess table!
The kiss the frog game!!!
All the princesses!!!

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Grams said...

This was the most amazing partyl. Thankfully I was invited and able to attend. The princesses all acted like real princesses. They were definately fantastic.