Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The 4th of July

So the 4th of July was kind of a disappointment. We went to my sister Kim's house for a BBQ because she was in town and we never get to see her, plus we thought it would be fun. Well every year for the past six years she has watched the fireworks from her house(she lives two blocks from the high school). Well for some apparent reason, they didn't have fireworks this year. Luckily, I had bought a $10 pack of fireworks from Walmart and the kids lit those. I don't think they even noticed that we didn't get to see the big ones. But, luckily, next week is Steel Days in American Fork and they will do fireworks on Friday night, so the kids will get to see them then.


Manuel and Chelsea said...

seems as if alot of people were disappointed this last 4th of July. I know I was, we heard there were some mighty fine ones here in Meridian, thinking we could see from our house, we were wrong..we saw flashing lights..but some people who live around us lit off some pretty good ones which was fine with me, I heard enough BOOM BOOM for the night, I am just use to watching my dad's emaculate fireworks show and so I hold his on a pedalstool and no-one has ever been able to pass him up. He needs to go PRO! Hope you guys are doing good and I hear you might come to Idaho for a week in August between the two weddings. Crazy at least Raylynne and I gave a month for you all to relax shheeshh we all have a week this time :)

G.'s Mommy said...

I'm sorry your 4th wasn't so good. We had a good time, which was saying something for Rexburg. Our friends from the next couple buildings over and our building all got together and shot off fireworks we'd bought ourselves. The kids loved it and G had a blast! hahaha.

Carrie said...

as a kid we always went to see some city's fireworks. and often, it was p.g.'s. the past few years we just stayed home (my house). the traffic and hassle of it all got to be too much. you can see some pretty good ones from my house, a little far away, but not bad. not to mention everyone in my neighborhood buys a bunch of illegals, and they are going off above our heads too. i heard that since the price of fireworks went up so much this year, many towns canceled theirs, sounds like p.g. was one of those towns? (that's where you were right?) anyway, i will be hoping that next year will be better for you!!! i am sure you were all looking up at the sky thinking "what the heck!"??