Monday, July 14, 2008

My first lost tooth!!!

Well Ryan lost his first tooth this weekend. He has had three loose teeth for weeks now. And then on Friday while we were at Jordyn's Gymnastics I looked in his mouth and his tooth was gone. I asked him if he had realized that he lost a tooth and he said no. We looked everywhere, but we still haven't found his tooth. I think he might have swallowed it in his sleep. So we told him to write a letter to the tooth fairy explaining what we think happened to his tooth. And "she" brought him $5, because it was his first tooth. He went to Walmart and bought 2 airplanes. He was so excited!! He can't wait till his other teeth fall out!!


Carrie said...

I wish my parents knew YOUR tooth-fairy! I think I got a stinking Quarter! We was po folk tho! ;) HaHa. Congrats Ryan! Ya, I am DEFINATLEY down for the Olive Garden. We will make it a plan as soon as they open :)

ShellBell said...

Hello--our tooth fairy only gives up to $2.00, and that was for tramatic losses lol. Lucky Ryan.