Thursday, August 14, 2008

6 years ago today!!

Well it was six years ago today at 5:21a.m. that I had by little boy. I can't believe that it has already been six years! He is such a big boy. We are still in Idaho and so we had his birthday party here at Grandma Ashers house. He was so excited when we told him that he was going to have his b-day party in Idaho. We ended up getting a cake from Dairy Queen and had dinner at Grandmas. He was so excited the whole day!! He got a scooter, a Wii game(Super Smash Bros.), a really cool airplane, some p.j.s, some monster trucks and a cool airplane thing where you hit a button and the airplanes go flying. All in all he had a great time!! I think I might have him another party in Utah after school starts so he can invite some friends from school. His cousin Joshua made him a Happy Birthday sign out of legos, which I thought was pretty cool of him to do. Dustys mom said something to Dusty that just was like WOW, she said "just think in 10 years he will get his license." and I was like OMG, he is growing up too fast!!


Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday!My little guy is almost 7 and it makes me feel so old every time I think about it.

Carrie said...

Happy B-Day RyRy. (a little late) I Have no idea if you call him that...I have a nephew named Ryan, we call him Ry-Ry sometimes. Seems like you guys have been in Idaho while, hope you are havin fun!!

Lindsey said...

You're it. Check out my blog.