Monday, August 11, 2008


So we are in Idaho for a week right now because our 2 nieces decided to have their weddings on back to back weekends. So we got here Thursday night and the first wedding was on Friday. So Saturday we decided to go cliff jumping with Dustys sister and her family and his brother David and Davids wifes family and his brother Andy. So first thing you have to do is walk across this big ole cow pasture, then across this like desert. And the whole time you are thinking that there is no way there is a big lake with cliffs around here, but then you get to all of these rocks and you can see the lake. So now you have a goal. The hike was easy for most of the people we went with. For me it was a little harder, I actually fell right at the end and scraped my let, but I am so glad that I went. It was awesome. And so cold!! We took Ryan but not Jordyn. She stayed home with Grandma, Aunt Lacey and cousin Gracie. Ryan was scared at first of the water because there were these teeny, tiny fish in the water and he was convinced that they were going to eat him. But Dusty talked him into going off of the littlest jump, which was about 10ft. high. And then Ryan went off 3 more times. He was a riot. I didn't go off because, well, I am a chicken, plain and simple. The hike out was a little bit easier, to me, than the hike in just because you weren't going down hill. I think that going down hill is scarier than going up, because you have a better chance of falling. But it was a really, really fun time and I can't wait to go again..
David and Tim

Kat and Becca on Hike


ShellBell said...

Dude--that's an awesome pic of Dusty and Ryan. Looks fun, but I'm asceered of heights lol. I'd probably do it, but it would take a while. Cute nieces too.

Carrie said...

Lace, ya, I am with you, I don't think I'd jump either. Props Dusty and especially brave little Ry Guy! All those pictures are great.