Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lets Dance!!

Ryan had his Dance Festival at school today! It was soooo hectic. Me and Jordyn went to get a drink and then we drove by the school and saw that parents were already there getting seats and it was like 30 minutes before. So we decided to stop so we could get good seats. Wow what a production. It was so cool to see them do there dance. They did theirs to a High school Musical song-Don't ask me which because I have never seen those movies. It was sooo cute. He was so excited when he saw that we were there. He did a great job!!! My baby is growing up!!

Walking in

Smiling for the camera

Waiting for their turn!
Waiting for the music to start

Getting his dance on!

He really did a good job!

The whole group!

Yeah I am cool!

So big!


The end!


ShellBell said...

I can't believe how big he is getting.

Carrie said...

oh yes, i remember dance festival day in elementary, it was always a crazy day! but so much fun for the parents to see their kids dancin! i always got stuck w/ the geekiest boys though! ugh. good job Ry! have a fun summer!

Cute background!!!